MightyOwl partners with Flipgrid!

Apr 25, 2022

We at MightyOwl are excited to partner with Flipgrid to make our content even more widely available!

Our fun and engaging videos as well as all the accompanying materials will now be available to millions of learners, teachers and parents in the Flipgrid community through the Flipgrid Discovery Library.

MightyOwl X Flipgrid means countless opportunities for students to use their creativity to deploy what they have learned and communicate that with their peers and broader learning community.

From learning effortlessly across the different K-8 subjects, to getting inspiration from our Mighty Labs experiments, to being encouraged to think differently and push the boundaries of their curiosity from our Mighty Minds series, the experience of fun and engaging learning is on!

Check out MightyOwl’s content in the Flipgrid Discovery Library!

Have fun and stay curious, mighty friends!


Yana @MightyOwl

#MightyOwlXFlipgrid #LearnwithMightyOwl




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