How to make the most of MightyOwl


Hello mighty friends!

We wanted to give you some quick tips on to better learn with MightyOwl!

So, to make the most of the MightyOwl platform, we recommend starting with the video lesson, or guiding your mighty learner to do so.

Video Lesson

Our content is fun and engaging and your mighty learners will learn the concepts required in the standard and more!

Follow the video with a quiz to assess how your learner has engaged with the content and encourage them to try the Mighty quiz, which is harder and requires a higher level of concentration.


Lastly, check out the Activities tab for supplemental learning materials such as worksheets or experiments!

Activities include worksheets and other supplemental materials

Let us know what you think and don’t forget to have fun with your mighty learners!




MightyOwl is a free online educational platform that is looking to revolutionize the way students learn outside the classroom.