Hello, this is MightyOwl

3 min readNov 15, 2021


This is the first in a series where team MightyOwl will explain the idea behind MightyOwl, why we believe in it and what we are looking to achieve.

COVID changed the way children learn forever. As parents of young children, we had front row seats to this. The pandemic accelerated the need for technology in education at a pace neither parents nor teachers were ready for. It was a scramble for most, regardless of circumstances. As parents we were blindly searching for different materials to show our children, while speaking to their teachers for some guidance. It was a massive effort, both in terms of time and money.

We needed an on-demand, reliable source of learning materials that could guarantee the credibility and accuracy of the academic content but was presented in a format that could keep our young children engaged for more than two minutes. We wanted, needed a Peppa Pig for learning (with the user experience and variety of content of Netflix).

And so came about MightyOwl.

Our video lessons always start with “Hello, this is MightyOwl”. For our kids, that greeting evokes a familiar sense of fun to come, filled with interesting information and riddles, discussions about which often carry on to the dinner table. For us as parents, it reaffirms our conviction that our children are learning, rehearsing, exploring the educational materials they need for their age group and we 100% know that content has been vetted by teachers. See, as a parent you are wired to need to double-check, vet everything that is presented to your child, and we found ourselves doing just that as we were looking for videos on Youtube at the beginning of the pandemic. In conceptualizing, MightyOwl we wanted to take away that element of doubt, so naturally we partnered with teachers. We strongly believe in this partnership, and in fact, MightyOwl would not be possible without teachers being at the center of our content creation. So, our lessons are created by teachers based on curriculums taught in US schools, aligned with the most well-established educational standards, including NGSS and CCSS.

Our video lessons supplement the education that a child is already receiving in a classroom (or at home for the home-schooled ones). We cannot expect to be able to replace (nor do we want to) the invaluable experience of learning in a classroom while engaging with peers. But we believe we can enhance the process of learning by making the students’ engagement with educational materials fun, accessible, reliable, personalized, and most importantly effective. And so, the lessons are accompanied by interactive quizzes, worksheets and printables which teachers can assign to their students.

We have been incredibly quick in ramping up content, without compromising quality and content, releasing 50 new videos each month. Oh, and did we mention this is all free?

While this is the foundation of our platform, we want to take it further. We want to personalize the educational trajectory of each child. So, with the power of AI, our platform will monitor the progress of each child closely and adjust the individual academic offering based on the specific needs of each child. Teachers and parents will be able to monitor the child’s progress in real time, leaving no room for anyone to fall behind.

We couldn’t be more excited about the future of education. We see an incredible opportunity and we are here to seize it.


Your mighty friends at MightyOwl




MightyOwl is a free online educational platform that is looking to revolutionize the way students learn outside the classroom.