A letter from our CEO

2 min readJan 20, 2022

Hello, I’m Yana, CEO and co-founder of MightyOwl. I am so excited to share with you what MightyOwl is all about.

At MightyOwl we are a team of five professionals–each brings a different expertise to the table. Most of us are also parents of young children. We come from different backgrounds, speak at least half a dozen languages among ourselves and are generally an enthusiastic bunch that will not take no for an answer (unless the opposing argument is really valid, obviously!). We have made it our mission to make MightyOwl an exceptional offering in the education space for all key stakeholders — parents, teachers, and students. We want to build something special — an educational platform providing high quality education for every child.

Yana with her children, Simeon and Raya

At its simplest iteration, MightyOwl is a single source platform for all your kids’ educational needs. Parents and teachers won’t have to spend hours researching for different materials for their children or students, and/or pay a lot of money having to subscribe to multiple educational websites to access that content. We are building a library that will cover all this for you. In the next year and a half we will release content on all subjects from K-8 grade, providing 1,200 educational videos, 2,400 quizzes and worksheets. All our content is aligned with the core US school standards. And not only that, we want to take it further, add more supplemental educational materials to further enhance children’s curiosity and ambition. Through our platform, each child will receive a customizable, unique learning experience that will address their specific needs and interests.

I believe it will make the engagement of parents and teachers more effective and uniquely tailored to each learner.

So, naturally, we are all about content, content, content! The materials for our videos are written by teachers and triple-checked by other teachers as well as via our meticulous internal processes. We feel confident that every learner is getting the best material they need for their grade and subject, and some more. We teach about civic, environmental responsibility, cultural diversity, and even harder topics such as race, gender, disabilities. We take our challenge of shaping our little mighty learners’ brains tremendously seriously.

We want to foster curiosity, ambition, resilience, creativity, integrity and most importantly, empathy. With our MightyMinds series, we highlight and celebrate the work of the renegades, the resolutes, that took upon themselves the challenge of changing the world. We hope to inspire the next generation of MightyMinds!

So, dear friends, I invite you to bring MightyOwl into your child’s educational journey and watch them embrace lifelong learning!




MightyOwl is a free online educational platform that is looking to revolutionize the way students learn outside the classroom.